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In-Definite Arts is an innovative visual arts centre that serves adults with developmental disabilities; we provide a supportive studio environment for artistic development as well as professional opportunities to exhibit and sell artwork.

Our Vision:

Artists with developmental disabilities and their art are valued and celebrated in the community.

Our Mission:

In-Definite Arts expresses the idea that the potential of all people is, in fact, “indefinite.”

In service to this belief, In-Definite Arts promotes opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to express themselves and to grow and develop through their involvement in art. We strive to increase awareness in the community about the talents and diversity of artists with disabilities.

Our Philosophy:

We believe that all people are innately creative, and that art is a universal language which allows individuals to develop and express their identity and uniqueness. This philosophy embraces the following values:

  • Respect
    We respect all people and value their individuality.
  • Creativity
    We value creativity; encouraging and nurturing its development.
  • Celebration
    We celebrate and recognize the talents and contributions of everyone.
  • Self-determination
    We promote each individual's right and responsibility to actively determine the direction of his or her life.
  • Inclusion
    We engage with the community, creating inclusive practices and accessible opportunities within artistic settings.