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IDAS Art Box presents: "Drawing Showcase"

“Drawing Showcase”
March 6 – 31, 2017

In-Definite Arts Art Box Gallery | 8038 Fairmount Drive SE, Calgary AB

For the month of March, the In-Definite Arts Art Box features a brand new collection of artworks in various media and styles created using a paper support. Materials and techniques on display include the use of resists, fluid acrylic and ink, pastels, collaged elements, pencil crayons and felt markers. The “Drawing Showcase” follows IDAS’ recent Fibre Showcase, as part of a series of visual art displays staged in the Art Box that highlight the breadth of artistic experience offered at In-Definite Arts.

Artists featured in this show include: Bryan Cocks, Kaleigh Mirosh, Paul Erickson, Rhonda Kottusch and Robert Panich.

"The In Look" by Bryan Cocks and "Circles" by Rhonda Kottusch

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