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IDAS Art Box presents: Solo Shows by Tom & Tony

Tom Martens, “Not For Sale” | April 6 – 30, 2017
“I like to use markers to make things. I make pictures of my sweetheart, and me, and my other friends. I also like to make words, dates and write poems.”

Tony Goodison, “My Bright Happy Shiny Art Box” | April 6 – 30, 2017
“With my art, whatever’s going on inside me, I bring it out onto the canvas and it’s very happy, loving, and peaceful. If you’re happy and you know it, be an artist.”

In-Definite Arts Art Box & Lounge | 8038 Fairmount Drive SE, Calgary AB

This month the IDAS Art Box celebrates the unique artistry of two studio artists, Tom Martens and Tony Goodison, who worked closely with practicum students Andrea Sorley and Janine Sorley to explore professional practices. Tom and Tony met 1:1 with Andrea and Janine for a series of weeks in order to write their own Artist Statements and ultimately build solo shows.

Now for the full month of April, immerse yourself in Tom’s colourful world of poems and pastimes, and enjoy a dynamic 10-year retrospective of Tony’s art in all media. Meet the artists, celebrate with our practicum students and learn about their work together during our exhibit reception at the end of the month.

CLOSING RECEPTION: April 27, 2017 | 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Light refreshments will be provided.

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