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In 1972, a group known as the Citizen’s Committee for the Physically Handicapped of Calgary began a study on the needs of the city’s disabled population. After several months of study, the Committee presented its findings to various levels of government. In 1974 the Citizen’s Committee and the national Department of Manpower made a short term agreement which provided for the establishment of a sales outlet for handicrafts produced by people with a disability. The store incorporated a drop-in centre and workshop. In-Definite Arts opened its doors on April 6, 1975. The Citizen’s Committee, its work completed, was subsumed into the newly created In-Definite Arts Society (IDAS).

In the ensuing decades, the In-Definite Arts’ centre has served as a model for inclusive arts programming and cultural production in Calgary. Today, more than 165 adult artists with developmental disabilities come to In-Definite Arts Monday through Thursday to use our dynamic, multimedia studios. For these individuals, the visual arts present opportunities for self expression, communication and independence, building a visual legacy through which artists with disabilities are recognized for their excellence.