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At In-Definite Arts, we believe there is no finite end to individual growth or creativity.


Ceramics & Pottery





In-Definite Arts provides member artists with workspace, instruction and opportunities to explore diverse art media within a supported studio environment. We also encourage artists to exhibit and sell artwork in our gallery, and sometimes at other venues within the Calgary area. The diversity of creative arts offered at IDAS includes fiber-arts, ceramics, drawing, painting, glass, sculpture and assemblage.

Within the studio, instructors (who are artists themselves) help studio members to find their artistic voice by identifying individual interests, expectations, strengths, abilities and needs. To the greatest extent possible, instructors approach artistic activities in a manner that facilitates increased maturity and independence for each artist. Artist residencies and other visiting artist opportunities further enrich core studio programs, affording member artists opportunities to work individually or collaboratively with their IDAS peers and/or with members of Calgary’s broader arts community.

As an ancillary to our creative arts programs, IDAS may also coordinate occasional social functions, as well as local gallery and studio visits, to facilitate greater community engagement and participation.


Are visitors welcome?

Of course! In-Definite Arts maintains an ‘open-door’ policy; we invite artists, art lovers and the general public to engage with our community by visiting the IDAS studio, attending gallery openings, purchasing artwork, volunteering time and donating funds and supplies to ensure that we continue to make creative programming possible.

Who is eligible to become a member artist?

Any adult with a developmental disability, living in the Calgary area and eligible for funding from the Persons with Developmental Disabilities program may apply. Artists who do not meet these requirements and/or are not eligible to receive PDD funding may consider participating in IDAS programming through the support of Artistic Expressions.

As we believe there is no finite end to individual growth or creativity, artists are encouraged to participate in our programs for as long as they choose. Our youngest artist is 18 years old, and our oldest artist just turned 96.

Is previous art-making experience required?

No. In the studio, we’ll introduce you to different media and help you find to your artistic voice by building on your skills and abilities. Wherever possible, we’ll adapt our style to suit your needs, goals and interests.

How many artists attend programs at In-Definite Arts?

More than 165 artists come through In-Definite Arts Monday through Thursday to use our studios. We additionally offer service to the artist-members of Artistic Expressions, a like-minded organization that supports adults with physical disability or acquired brain injury.

How is In-Definite Arts structured?

In-Definite Arts is a non-profit, registered charity. We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that sets policy and direction for IDAS, in conjunction with the In-Definite Arts Executive Director.

How is In-Definite Arts funded?

In-Definite Arts is funded by the Alberta Government through the Persons with Developmental Disabilities Calgary Region. IDAS also receives contributions from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Calgary Arts Development, other foundations, businesses, clubs and individuals. Artists pay annual dues as well as fees for studio space and supplies.

Is artwork available for sale? Where does the money go?

In-Definite Arts encourages our artists to exhibit and sell their artwork, both in the In-Definite Arts Gallery & Art Box, as well as out in the community. Artists receive 70% of the proceeds from these sales; the remaining 30% is used to cover exhibition costs such as framing, brochures and invitations.

I’d like to donate to IDAS; what should I do?

Making a gift to In-Definite Arts is easy! Donations by check can be made out to the “In-Definite Arts Society”, 8038 Fairmount Drive, Calgary AB T2H 0Y1. Your support may be directed towards purchasing studio supplies, offsetting exhibition expenses, or helping with operating costs as needed.

In-Definite Arts also accepts donations of new and used art supplies. From time to time we find need for specific items, however we are always grateful to receive donations of artist-grade materials for use in the studio. We simply ask that you call ahead to clarify what it is you’d like to donate, and confirm a time when IDAS staff will be available to process your donations.