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Volunteers in Action

To In-Definite Arts, our volunteers feel like family. These dedicated individuals all demonstrate incredibly giving personalities that have positively impacted the lives of our artists, leading to many unique friendships and rewarding experiences.

Here’s what some of our volunteers have shared with us about their experiences at IDAS:

Lorna Bischoff, Studio Volunteer since 2010

“I worked at a ceramic studio for years. Many of the customers there were also artists at In-Definite Arts, so when I retired it was the perfect choice for a volunteer opportunity. I’m constantly amazed by the talent in this community of artists. They are fearless, determined and proud. It’s a pleasure to witness their projects come to life.

There is a distinct dedication by the staff to create an environment where the clients can succeed and flourish. It is evident every time I walk through those doors, that everyone is happy to be there. This is such a great organization and I’m pleased to do my little part.”