Our new strategic direction

On July 25, 2017, the Board of Directors of The In-Definite Arts unanimously voted to develop a new strategic direction for the organization, and update our name and visual identity to become the Indefinite Arts Centre.

Our new visual identity as the Indefinite Arts Centre

Our new strategic direction focuses on advancing the following areas of artistic development for people with developmental disabilities: artistic training, creation, and exhibition, along with a stronger mandate to share the creative potential of artists with developmental disabilities and advocate for their inclusion in the contemporary arts.

All of this will be guided by a new vision and mission that was also passed by the Board.

Mission: The Indefinite Arts Centre provides artistic training, creation, and exhibition opportunities for people – of all ages – with developmental disabilities, and shares the power of their creativity by advocating for their inclusion in the contemporary arts locally and abroad.

Vision: Every person – no matter their disability – who wants to find and express their creativity can do so at the Indefinite Arts Centre.